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Clinical Trials

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Risks Involved in Clinical Trials : Questions to Ask

Before you join a clinical trial, talk with your healthcare providers about the specifics of the trial. You may also want to talk with a researcher who is administering the trial before you make your decision.

Ask questions such as:

  • What does the trial hope to accomplish?
  • What side effects might I experience? Are these worse than those I might experience with standard treatment?
  • Who is sponsoring the trial?
  • What should I expect if I am in the trial? What should I expect if I am not in the trial?
  • What are the possible benefits to me and my family if I go into the trial?
  • Will I have to pay for the treatment? Will any of the treatment be free?
  • Will joining a trial keep me from being treated with other therapies, either now or later?
  • Whom can I call if there are problems while I am in the trial? What phone number should I call in the evening or on weekends?

Be aware that some healthcare providers are reluctant to have their patients participate in clinical trials. This may be due to any number of reasons, including:

  • some healthcare providers may be generally concerned about their patients participating in medical research
  • some may be concerned that their patient’s participation in a clinical trial will result in more work for the professionals and that their time is already very limited
  • others may worry that patients cannot withstand the more frequent office visits that might be required
  • still others may believe that a standard treatment regimen will be best

The information provided about a trial includes a list of researchers and information on how to contact them.


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