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Clinical Trials

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Finding Clinical Trials

New and improved treatments for mesothelioma will come about only through clinical trials. Every person diagnosed with mesothelioma should be advised of the availability of clinical trials and be encouraged to participate in those that are appropriate and may provide clinical benefit.

The following resources may help you learn more about clinical trials in general, and about the specific clinical trials now available for people with mesothelioma. There is no single place to call, or website to search, that will provide a completely comprehensive listing of all clinical trials for this disease, so we encourage you to explore different resources.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

NCI's PDQ clinical trials search form. Choose "mesothelioma" under the scroll down window for "Type of Cancer" to learn about mesothelioma-specific trials listed with the NCI.

Commercial Clinical Trials Finders

As is the case with the other commercial websites listed below, the content will include NCI-sponsored and some pharmaceutical company clinical trials. The content of these commercial trial finder sites is likely to depend upon fees the trial finder companies charge the pharmaceutical companies for listing the pharmaceutical company trials and none are completely comprehensive.

Some of these websites require personal information for use of their services. Before providing personal information, we encourage you to read their Privacy and Terms of Use statements.
Veritas Medicine


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