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Mesothelioma Resources and Further Reading

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Although ADAO does not endorse specific publications, you may find useful information in these books. Check online booksellers or your public library for availabilty. more...

Journal Updates

Descriptions of selected journal articles about mesothelioma. Some are available as full-text but may require payment of a fee to the publisher. Article links take you to the abstract and a way to order the article. These journals can also be found at medical libraries. more...

Websites: Asbestos & Mesothelioma-Specific

Sites in this list provide information specifically about asbestos and mesothelioma.

Websites: Cancer in General

Sites in this list provide general information on mesothelioma & cancers affecting the lung including information on diagnosis and treatment, respiratory care, living with cancer; information about the rights of people affected by cancer; information about how children cope with issues surrounding a parent’s disease and treatment; etc. more...

Websites: Research

Sites in this list report on cancer research in the United States and around the world and/or provide information on research and treatment options, including clinical trials. more...

Websites: Directories of Other Sites

Sites in this list categorize links to cancer-related information, services, and organizations. more...

Websites: Lodging & Travel Assistance

Sites in this list help patients and family members undergoing treatment far away from home. more...



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