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Clinical Trials

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Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials offer you the opportunity to receive the best healthcare available and to help others currently affected by mesothelioma and those who will be affected in the future.

You can choose to participate in a clinical trial and still work with your current healthcare team.

Some of the benefits you may derive from participating in a clinical trial include:

  • new treatments that may be more effective than the standard treatment are available to you only if you are enrolled in a clinical trial
  • doctors and nurses who will closely monitor your health status and watch very carefully for any side effects and changes in your condition while in the clinical trial
  • part of your treatment may be free of charge
  • satisfaction knowing that your involvement may ultimately help other people
  • knowing that, if one of the treatments being tested (either new or old) is apparently much better than the another, you will be switched to the better treatment


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